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6.5 inch Borewell Drillers, Kangeyam, Dharapuram

New Kalaimagal Borewells have a 6.5-inch borewell facility. The pipes have a length of approximately 150 mm. Borewells of this type are commonly used in agricultural activities. Drilled mainly to a depth of 1200 feet. Drilling is the method of making holes with a specialized cutting tool.

Best Borewell Drilling Service, Kangeyam

In Kangeyam, we have New Kalaimagal Borewells drillers. While drilling the borewell to the specified size, larger diameter bits are used to position the casing pipes up to the hard rock zone. 6 inch pipes are simple to install, comfortable, efficient, and low maintenance cost. We use high-quality materials to maintain a long service life and maintenance-free service.

Features of 6.5 inch Borewell

New Kalaimagal Borewell provides high-quality borewell drilling services to our Clients.

Low-cost operation
High-capacity and high-quality.
Using energy and motors that are reliable.
The price is really reasonable.
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Why New Kalaimagal Borewell for 6.5 inch Drilling

Borewell Flushing and Cleaning Services are highly valued by customers for their maintainability and timeliness in delivering Borewell flushing and cleaning services. Our services are customized to the needs of our clients.

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Bores with a diameter of 6.5" (150mm) and above are used to collect water.

Commercial establishments such as hotels, lodges, and hospitals collect water and Agriculture irrigation systems, including drip and sprinkler systems.

Water supply for domestic and industrial use and that are really simple to use.